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Johns Creek Roofers works with all the most common roofing materials, and we can also provide or source custom or specialized materials if it makes sense for your home. The roofing material you choose must fit the look and style of your home of course, but it will also affect the longevity, durability, and price of our services.

We provide all sorts of materials for roof replacement Johns Creek, but your choice of materials may also depend on your specific neighborhood or locality. For businesses, metal roofing might make the most sense, while in residential areas, you might want to consider Spanish tiles to match the look of your neighbors. The pitch of the roof also may determine the type of roofing materials available to you. Cedar shake shingles, for example, may be used on steeper roofs but are not suitable flat roofs.

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Common Materials

The most common choices for residential roofing include: 

  • Asphalt shingles are very affordable and always available, and they are the most common roofing material. They may have a somewhat plain look, but always a solid choice for your home
  • Cedar shakes or shingles are a pricier option, but they have a great look and last longer than asphalt. Cedar or other wood shingles are not recommended in areas with a high risk of fire. 
  • Metal roofs, on the other hand, are popular because they are highly fireproof. Typically made of steel or aluminum, metal roofs can be quite expensive because they require special roofing expertise, but they provide bang for your buck with long-lasting durability. Be sure to include “metal roofing Johns Creek ga” when you request a quote so we know to send one of our expert metal roofers.
  • Slate roofs are very popular due to their unique appearance, but they come with a hefty price tag. Slate is also very heavy and slippery to walk on, and is consequently difficult to repair. So when you need your slate roof repaired, don’t try to go it alone! Give us a call to schedule an inspection.
  • Composition slate is a good alternative that looks a lot like slate, but is made with lighter, mostly recycled materials.
  • Clay or ceramic tile is an attractive option if you want to go for the Spanish-style roof. These are highly durable and fire-retardant but, like slate, are heavy and can be difficult to repair.

Materials and Price

Whether you need asphalt, metal, or cedar shake roofing Johns Creek GA knows no better prices than Johns Creek Roofers. We always strive to offer you a fair deal for our services. However, costs can vary significantly depending on the material you choose. So be sure to specify which type of materials you desire when you request a quote for roof repair Johns Creek.

Also, if you know the size of your roof, be sure to include this detail in your request as well. One square of roof is 100 square feet, so need to replace your 1000 square foot roof, you can say that you need 10 square of roofing. This information is not required, but it will help you get an even faster quote because we will know how much material you will need for your roof repair or replacement.

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